Actually, my ex-husband broke our home. We’d already been in couples counselor for six months (a year before I ever had an affair) when I found drugs in his truck and he admitted to secretly abusing drugs for nearly our entire marriage. After that, it was one thing after another: I got pregnant and miscarried. I found out he had a secret credit card that he had run up $18,000 on. Then two months later, I discovered he had embezzled from his job. I filed for divorce, but couldn’t leave because I found out I was pregnant the day he was served divorce papers. We tried to work on things because I was pregnant and I didn’t want to lose this baby again. I miscarried again and then I finally left a month later, eight days after I had an emotional affair. The marriage was already irrevocably broken, and my children are much better off no longer living with a drug addict who chose to spend OUR money on drugs and then being a criminal by embezzling from his job. Go fuck yourself.

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