I did, in fact, deal with that. It first happened around when I introduced my children to my current partner. Originally, I had talked with my ex (which, to be fair, I shouldn’t have even discussed with him) that I planned to wait until I’d been dating someone six months before introducing them to our children. My house was broken into, and I ended up introducing my partner to my kids when we’d been dating less than six. When my ex found out, he was furious and told me “it was fucked up and selfish” and would have probably said more choice things if I hadn’t cut him off there. My ex doesn’t get to decide if whether what I’m doing is negatively impacting our kids. /I/ get to decide that, and if he really has a problem with something I’m doing, he can pay to take me back to court and let a judge decide. My kids are loved, fed, clothed, and sheltered. That’s all that matters. My ex was pulling that shit because he was trying to control what I do and also probably because he was jealous. If my ex goes off, I leave, hang up, or just don’t respond to texts. That’s how I assert my boundaries because he doesn’t get to have an opinion about my life anymore. Hope that helps!

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