I hear you and get the sentiment. But I’m a single mom 50% of the time and also work a full-time job. I also don’t drink and most of the activities I enjoy are solitary. I bike. I read. I write. And I like those activities BECAUSE they’re solitary because I’m around people (and children) all.the.time. So I’d have to so my time to “get out there” is so very very limited. It was exceptionally easier to just swipe on men and chat with them casually while my kids were asleep than it was to spend my precious alone time adopting new hobbies that would take away from the hobbies I already enjoy. My path isn’t for everyone though!

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Relationship Coach & Writer. Check out my books, courses, & other work at tarablairball.substack.com. E-mail: tarablairball@gmail.com IG: @tarablairball

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