I think your tone is humble enough to allow you to speculate and wonder, and that’s a hard tone to strike. Plenty of people have speculated /on my behalf/ about the sexuality of my ex. “You’re so hot!” they’d say. “He HAD to be gay to not have sex with you!” But there are a lot of other things in play that no one outside of the two of us would understand. Reading your post made me wonder, but honestly, it’s not something that jumps out at me as being totally true and the fact too is that I don’t really care today. I know you’ve been divorced longer than me and it’s in a writer’s nature to circle back. I haven’t circled back to that depth yet. I’m happy. I hope he’s happy, however that looks, as long as he’s taking care of his real issues and being a good father for our kids. If I wasn’t in the place I am today, I’d be approaching issues like that a lot differently. I hope you’re receiving comments that highlight how good you’re being with your tone. It’s a hard and fine line to walk!!

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