I too felt this way. I knew we were going to get married well before we were even serious. But I’m also aware of how he changed. They were barely noticeable really, but by the time it all went to shit, it was obvious it’d actually been shitty for a long long time. Hindsight is always 20/20! I know for myself, I lost awareness as I went. I was so blinded by finding “the one” and my fantasies about that, that I wasn’t attuned to see the real changes that were happening. I thought he was the one, but people change. Maybe he was just my one for a reason. I know I needed to learn the lessons I learned in that marriage/divorce. I just wish it hadn’t come at such costs. But I know today that all I can trust is myself and stay present. I don’t really believe in soulmates, but I believe in me, and that helps me feel assured that I’ll be okay this second go around. You will too!

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