I totally agree. The human heart is forgiving. And if someone really has the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual qualities we long for, that will more than make up for what they don’t have in the looks department. This was more of a satirical article and making fun of myself really. I focused too much on looks, but really, Simon and I never matched in our values, which was exceedingly unattractive. I too care less about looks. My current partner is good looking, but I didn’t start dating him seriously BECAUSE of that at all. I went on dates with plenty of good looking guys that I never saw again. He, though, really matched me in what I wanted on the inside. But, I wrote this sort of satirically. Good luck to you!

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Relationship Coach & Writer. Check out my books, courses, & other work at tarablairball.substack.com. E-mail: tarablairball@gmail.com IG: @tarablairball

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