I'm going to address this part first because it's something I hear often. It boils down to, "Why do men need to change? Why do women not to?" In my experience as a relationship coach, men generally need to change FAR more than women.

Women have been told for centuries how to please men. They were, up until the 1960s, social children. They couldn't even open up their own bank accounts without a man cosigning it.

With women needing men as less of a "provider" and more of a "teammate," many men have found themselves floundering because they want to recreate the relationship their parents have, but that's not how the world works today.

Further and most importantly, you make several derogatory comments about women throughout your comment (airheads, bimbos, it's so easy to "game" them, etc.), which implies you've got some things to work through around women. If any of my female or male clients have a lot of resentment or hatred toward the opposite sex, I suggest they seek the help of a mental health counselor to deal with their past trauma before pursuing any kind of romantic relationship. I suggest you consider not reading dating articles at this time and instead seek some help.

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