I’ve had this exact issue in a myriad of fashions. It’s specifically why I no longer include my e-mail in my profile. I don’t write a lot of sexual articles, but the comments I’ve gotten have been crazy explicit at times, like the readers are just wanting to tell me THEIR sex stories and want a forum for that and feel like I’m providing it. Comments are easy not to pay attention to, and having that extra barrier of not providing my e-mail is making that easier. Before I wrote sexually explicit articles, I found that I got a lot of e-mails from male readers that “just wanted to be friends.” They related to one of my articles, wanted to tell me their story, and then expected to build some kind of relationship with me afterward. I used to respond to every one, but I’ve actually stopped, or now won’t go much further than, “Thank you for sharing your story and your kind comments. All the best!” I’ve read your article about how it’s easier to build friendships online, and I get that, but I frankly don’t have any time for that. I struggle with having friendships in real life, let alone building one behind the computer, and since I value monogamy too much, I find I’m SUPER careful with male friendships since nearly every single one I’ve had has confessed their love to me, come onto me, or been otherwise inappropriate, and I’ve had too many almost emotional affairs to put my current relationship at risk. Intimacy is hard, and writing it publicly is harder still. Good luck out there! I’d be glad to be a writer friend!

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Relationship Coach & Writer. Check out my books, courses, & other work at tarablairball.substack.com. E-mail: tarablairball@gmail.com IG: @tarablairball

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