Thomas P Seager, PhD It really depends on what you’re looking for and what you want. Tinder is just a venue for meeting people also interested in some kind of connection (casual, serious, sexual, etc.). If you’re wanting to meet someone of the opposite sex for any of those reasons, then of course you should try it.

I even met some men specifically to be friends. One man was a cardiac surgeon who had just moved to town and was having trouble meeting anyone, friends or otherwise, so he just got on it to meet new people. I ended up meeting up with him and connecting him with some people in my friend group. One guy I wasn’t interested in, but we both shared a love for biking, so we met up several times and went on long bike rides. We had a lot in common and had fun, but it never led to anything and the expectation from the outset is that we were meeting as friends.

And, believe me, the relationship that I have with my boyfriend today is an anomaly in Tinder world, but it’s possible to find that if that is in fact what you’re looking for. I went on plenty of dates with guys who didn’t even like the idea of saying we were exclusively dating, even though that’s in fact what we were doing. I went on a date with a man who told me outright, “I am dating four women right now. I have a date tomorrow night even.” That man actually did much of what I did: casually dated multiple people to try it out and see what he liked.

But, if it doesn’t feel like it’s for you, it’s not for you. It is a shallow app since you’re mostly swiping based on someone’s looks, but again, it’s just a way to meet people you may not otherwise.

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