Thomas P Seager, PhD That’s a great question. I asked my boyfriend, whom I met on Tinder and who had been on it for a total time of 3–4 months stretched over a few years after his divorce eight years ago. He said he never used dating apps to help build his self-esteem. He took a year off from dating after his own divorce, and he said he used that time to work on himself instead.

For him, he has had some bad experiences using Tinder: he’d been catfished, women had stalked him. But he felt that it was the easiest way to meet women in similar life situations, AND he was easily able to figure out what he did NOT want.

He also didn’t meet many women out in the real world as he worked and had a daughter. For that, dating apps seem to be essential (and I’m writing an article on this right now) because everyone seems to be on them, and while you have to wade through a lot of trash, there are those gems too. What he did say to me when I asked him was, “Tinder was the best thing I’ve ever used because it led me to you.”

So, for that reason, why not try them? You might have some bad experiences (which you will obviously learn from), but you might also get lucky and get that flush of someone finding you attractive and desirable once again too.

Good luck!!

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